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Features of Decision making

Decision making is a process of selection or choice among alternative course of action. The aim of decision making is to find out the best possible course of action.It is a rational and purposeful activity designed to attain well defined objectives.

Decision making is an intellectual or rational process .As a mental exercise, it involves considerable deliberation and thoughtful consideration of various factors influencing the choice.

Decision making is always related to the situation or the environment .A manager may take one decision in a particular situation and an opposite decision in a different situation .In some situations,there may just be a decision not to decide.

The choice in decision making implies freedom to choose from among alternative courses of action without the final outcome.when there is no choice of action,no decision is necessary.The need for making decision occurs only when some uncertainty as to outcome exists.Decision making is a pervasive function of management.This function is performed by managers at different levels.

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