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Why Do People Make Self-Employment a Career?


Deciding to start one's own business is a big decision to some people. There are those who have the required resources, yet they can't make a decision to be self-employed. Indeed there are many reasons which makes people opt to go into self-employment. The following are some of these reasons:

1. There are those who just love success. They go into the business with a burning desire to succeed and prove to themselves and others.

2. Some want to realize a dream. They want to challenge themselves to do more.

3. Some people are encouraged by either, spouse, parents or friends to go into self-employment.

4. There are those who simply love hard work. They derive fun from working long and hard, only they do not like working for someone else.

5. Some people want FREEDOM from depending on someone else for a salary.

6. Some go into a business as a need to continue with the family business.

7. Also lack of wage employment has forced many to go into self-employment as some people may have lost their jobs or retired.

8. Again quite a number of people have a desire to put into practice a talent that they have. They may have an inborn talent, natural gift.

9. There are those who want to make more money than what they have so as to get rich. They believe that working for others won't make you a millionaire and therefore to them love for money becomes a motive to go into self-employment.

Why do you want to go into self-employment? Which of the above reasons are close to your own?


It is advisable that you are objective in selecting reasons why you should go into self-employment. e.g Working for yourself may be a personal challenge, but you must be prepared to work for long and hard hours. You may be avoiding to take orders from your employer, hence opting for Self-employment, but remember that in self-employment, you will be taking orders from customers who are always right.

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