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Ways To Always Remain Rich Even After Retirement

Having a continuous flow of income is one of the most tricky things to many.We have seen and heard stories of people who were very prominent crying out for help.Not that they overspent the their incomes but because they lacked investment tips and they ended up misspending funds.For instance,if you are employed and suddenly you are fired,will you have done an investment that can save you?Am going to take you through how you can turn your income to an investment that even if you are fired or retired,you will not go begging.

Money will always put in in a comfort zone till you forget preparing for the future.Salary has blindfolded alot of people and they end up retiring having nothing left for the remaining life.You will then hear and see then on social media begging for help yet they had a chance to make their coming days better but wasted everything.Instead of depending on salary alone,try the following tips and you will never lack money for the rest of your days.

Alot of Kenyans are moving to urban towns in search of greener pastures hence raising the demand for houses to let.Then think of providing shelter by owning rental houses.This may seem to be an expensive project but competitive investors use money to generate more.You will need land and building materials and some cash for labour.Believe me by the time you are through,you will be owning not less than 50 rental houses.Houses will always find tenants and make them unique and attract as many tenants as possible.Once all the rooms are occupied, depending with the price of a room,you are to get not less than Ksh 150,000 a month.Isn't that good money?

Many employees run for loans immediately they secure a permanent job.They use the loans to probably buy a car,a house or other assets.Am really against that.Do an investment with the loan and after it has picked,it will be simple to buy a car,and a house.From there,the loan will pay itself through the investment you made.

Choose friends whose minds are investment-oriented.Bad friends will drag you to too much luxury and forget the spirit of investment.Always listen and read books of great investors.Know how they managed to become tycoons and follow their successful stories.

Above all, remember God is always the giver of wealth.Never forget to consult him and thank him in everything you go through.

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