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"They Really Spend" See the Amount MPs who Hire a chopper Spend per Hour.

The prestige of using a chopper during travel is amazing. Most politicians prefers using a chopper during their election campaign period of due to long distance of travel. This helps them to covers a large area and meet as many people as possible in their election campaigns.

There are many investors who have heavily invested in the sector. They use their choppers for hire business. As the clocks ticks towards 2022 election period, this sector will heavily thrive as politicians will scramble to hire choppers to use in their campaign.

Most prefer hiring a chopper than purchasing it due to the high cost of buying. The value of hiring is calculated per hour once the chopper is airborne. According to sources online, the current cost per hour in Kenya is about Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 170, 000. However, this cost fluctuates with the market demand and it is expected that during election time, the amount may be higher than that.

Most politician who hire usually don't waste much time during their visit in an event. They count on the cost they incur per hour and are fast to accomplish their missions because to hire it the whole day will cost more than Ksh 1 million making it expensive.

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