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High Earning Business Ideas for Any Small Earner

Talking of job opportunities in Kenya is like trying to find a river in a desert nowadays. What we thought would be nice and brighter future is betraying us now. The reality is hitting each and every person who is trailing to get a job. The school taught us one plus one but the reality is that over 1.5 is working more than the answers we obtained in the class. The problem of unemployment will always remain to be an issue and it's upon each and every undergraduate to try more of his or her talent to bring something on the table. We can't all fit in office but the few who are lucky will represent us. It's painful but it's the current facts let's try some of business ideas to earn our living.

Rearing chicken is one of most upcoming hustles for many people. This one most thriving business which needs less of your time and capital to start. Starting this small hustle needs a capital of 10k. Using your local materials you need to construct a simple chicken house which will cost around 2000 to make it perfect. When the house is ready then you can order 100 chicks of age 3 to 4 weeks. This will cost 5000 because each costs 50 bob. The other remaining amount can be used to purchase chicken feeds and vaccines. If you are passionate with this, you may end up earning almost 50,000 after 5 months plus other benefits of daily eggs.

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