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How to motivate your employees in the workplace

A motivated employee is always productive in his or her work. Every employer should make sure that his or her employees are motivated to work so as be able to attain the set goals and objectives of the organization or company. Employers can be motivated in many ways. Here are some points that employers can use so that to attain the best out of the employee.

1 Involves the employee in the decision making process.

This is very important as it will make them fill as part of the organization or company. You can involve them by making them put their views on particular projects and decisions of the organization or company. This will make them motivated to work thus resulting to success in the organization or company.

2.Reward the best employee.

This motivates employee to work hard as they know that the best hardworking employee will be rewarded. The best employee can be rewarded with a bonus on her or his salary.

3.Provide support to the employees in case of an family issue.

This is important as employees who have problem at home will not perform at their best abilities. Family problems may be lost of a loved one, domestic disputes and many more others. This show that the company or organization understands the welfare of the employee thus the employee will be motivated to work effectively and efficiently.

4.Provide good working environment to employees.

This is important because it brings good output from the employee. These include free office Wi-Fi, good ventilated offices, a morning tea and many other things which can be used to improve the working environment.


Motivation to employee is very important as it works as a catalyst to increase production in the in organization or company.

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