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How to Earn 100,000 Shillings Per Day

Money is the backbone of every economy in the world. We can never get money out of the equation; you need money for feeding, school, house, transport, health, dressing and so many that cannot be funny exhausted. That is why you need to resist poverty at all costs to earn a living.

A monthly salary can never be enough for you. Anyone who gets a monthly salary of 100,000 shillings will always want an addition of another 100,000 shillings and the same applies to even those who earn up to 300,000 shillings per month. The solution is one and simple, find self employment which will make you more flexible and expose you to a number of opportunities.

That is the first solution. When you are employed under management incase you aquire new skills they will only benefit the company and your salary may just remain constant. But imagine if you are in your line of business where you are the C.E.O every new skill you acquire benefits you both directly and indirectly.

2. Start a coffee house

Urban centres such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu Narok and many other most people prefer taking coffee due to cold evening. However, this opportunity is only left out to some few hawkers who end up not satisfying their customers due to unavailability of this resource to it's maximum level needed. Let's say you sell to just 2,000 people a cup of coffee and some bread that could cost about 50 shillings each. At the end of the day you can go home with a huge sum of 100,000 shillings in just two hours of business. Wow this is so incredible.

3. Supply fruits

During this lockdown error most business persons have stopped their jobs due to fear of pandemic, however the fruits are still needed and retailers together with consumers are getting shot of supply. This is a key area that you are assured of good cash. On a good sales day you can collect up to a huge sum of 150,000 shillings without much struggle.

4. Poultry farming

Where there is fear trust me there is opportunity and not just a meer one but a good paying for that matter. Most large scale farmers fear this type of agriculture due to the resources needed to start. Pain may endure overnight but joy comes in the morning. Start this in your area and turn into a billionaire within a span of five years.

Eggs and broilers are needed every day especially in the large three star hotels. You can imagine if one broiler costs 400 shillings and a single hotel orders 500 such per day . You have 200,000 shillings in a single day. Remember you have not added the cash you will collect from selling of eggs.

5. Online writing

This is a fast growing industry since the world is getting to digital. Everything needs to be done on internet and those working in huduma center facilities, cybers and computer laboratories are one of richest in the world today.

Serving up to 2,000 clients a day can earn you 200,000 shillings in a single day. It's also leisure and enjoyable to work online since it is less involving in as far as working is concerned.

6. Taxy driving

Uber is a newly developed way that has earned hundreds of Kenyans millions of money. However, this field still needs more competition because customers have still not been satisfied. Most people would like to have privacy but they can't afford private cars, if we help such clients our pockets will as well get thicker.

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