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Reason why most people do not qualify for a job

What do most people do when an opportunity comes on their way?

A curriculum vitae is the first thing it will ring in your mind.

In this article I am going to teach you how to write a curriculum vitae without it being rejected.

(A) The tittle

This is the word CURRICULUM VITAE.

It can either be capitalised or written in the lower case.

(B) Personal information

This are personal details such as : Official name, Postal address, Telephone number, Email address, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality and Languages.

(C) Educational background

This is a list of the schools or other institutions of learning attended. Always begin with the most recent. Specify the years you attended the school or institution and qualification.

(D) Work experience

This is a list of organization you worked for starting with the latest of most recent.

(E)Interests or Hobbies

This is a list of favourite activities and personal references such as reading, sports or swimming. These serve to show how you spend your leisure time. Please list those that will help you to be considered for the job

(F) Referees

This are persons who can recommend you with regard to your character and professional ability. Provide their names,Tuttles and current contacts.

Keep in mind that you are writing to advertise yourself, your skills and knowledge. Therefore your CV should reflect your true picture.

Thank you for reading.

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