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Adorable Photos of Harriet Chiggai Secretary for Women Advisory

In the current women are educated, they are taking up leadership roles and winning in different sectors of the economy. Ladies have been empowered to become of substance in life. They have been taught on the importance of working hard in life because hardwork pays and that as ladies we should not only depend on our beauty but have in life.

In the named cabinet secretaries women have reaped big as many of them have been able to get leadership in the national government and have been given proper leadership roles. This is a good encouragement to the young girls that we can reach our destinies no matter what happens in our life. That the world has been made easy for us to thrive in and excel. Harriet Chiggai is among the youngest female politicians in the country who has been appointed in the Ruto's government. She is a young lady who is going places.

And in her new role we hope she will deliver. Have a look at her glowing photos. Keep going girl the sky is the only limit.

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Harriet Chiggai


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