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How To Make Money On Opera News Hub

 When you are still googling on ways to make money online, stop now and turn opera news hub into your full time job. Many opera writers will not tell you the nice secret in opera news hub,but today I just want you to know how ladies and gentlements are earning huge amount of ksh by Opera mini.Opera news is a free way to make money online without even a single cent as registration fee. Just follow this simple guides and you'll be earning up to Kes 3k per day.

How are writers in Opera paid?

If you publish an article in opera and got approved, you'll be paid per clicks/views. This means that when readers click your article and read your article for at least 5-10 seconds

It's counted as one view and remember opera has over 350 million users so your work is to write creative,attractive and also use catchy headlines on your stories.

Which type of article can you write?

In opera news hub, you can write and post anything including memes and fiction stories except erotic and sexual content which include nudes and dirty languages. 

How is payment calculated in Kenya

Payments are calculated according to clicks per article and you can even write up to 10 articles per day.

1000 clicks=ksh 21

1000 clicks= ksh 210

That means that one click = ksh 0.021 so you can multiply the total clicks by 0.21 to get your total revenue. Let's say you written 5 articles in a day with 20k clicks each, that will be; 

20000 × 5=100000clicks

Then multiply by 0.021 to get your total earning i.e 100000×0.021=kes 2100

How to withdraw 

After you've reached a total of 1000 Kenya shillings, you'll have to wait until payment date and remember payment date is usually overall for every opera news hub writer. Payment date is every 15th of the month unless it's interapted by holidays in between then it will be postponed the next date after holidays. Payment is automatically to your bank account or Mpesa number whichever form of payment you selected during registration.h

Who can join opera news hub

 Anyone can join without any educational documents only registration documents will be required which is in the list below.

How to register in news hub

Follow this simple steps to register and start earning today.

The link will then land in a page like this one below

This landing page will only need you to select your country then click next for another form which will look like the one in the screenshot below,

Here you'll have to choose a username of your choice also known as webmedia. Select your favourite photo,category of what you want to write and a short biography of your own then click next.

You can just use even your friend bank account and ID to fill the form if you don't have one. But make sure to fill the correct information because payment is usually automatic to your back account.

The next page will look like the one below The page below will appear and this is the most important page because here you'll have to fill your Bank name I.e KCB



After submitting the form wait for 20-30 minutes for account approval. Here is what you'll see before and after account approval,

Content created and supplied by: Ruthjim (via Opera News )

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