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How to become the next millionaire

Most the values we are taught from childhood is obedience . Where there is obedience there is prosperity; this is even biblically true when the children of Israel disobeyed God they took more years in the wilderness and thus delayed their destiny.

Here I'm going to talk about financial obedience. Are you aware that the kind of salary you get if not well spent even if it is one million a month may not matter. What matters most is what you save back.

I will give an example, let's say for instance I have two friends Brian and Esther get a monthly salary of 100,000 and 20,000 respectively. This is how they spend in a month:


20,000- car fueling and service

10,000 house rent

15,000 feeding family

35,000 children school fees.

20,000 health and insurance

For Brian he doesn't save any cash at the end of the month. This is where most of us lie we get very high monthly salary but spend the whole of it without saving a penny.

We can reduce some of the unnecessary luxury such as expensive houses ,cars and feeding.

Let's look at Esther

1,500- house rent

2,000 feeding

4,500 schools fees

1,000 health and insurance

11,000 savings

Look at the two people with very different salaries but at the end of at the end of five years Esther has about 700,000 shillings in her savings account and can start up a business of her own.

When Esther's business does well she can employ Brian and be able to pay him almost double of his current salary which is 100,000 shillings.

This only requires financial obedience . Nothing good comes easy you need to sacrifice alcohol, clubbing, experience hotels because these entrepreneurs are getting rich with your money.

Open up your eyes and save your cash. Assuming now that Esther saves 55% of her salary Brian also saves the same what will he have saved in five years? He has 3.3 million in his account and by this he can open up a large scale business and provide employment opportunities for other vulnerable citizens.

Financial obedience not only increases our earnings but it also makes you free since when self employed no one monitors over you.

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