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Things You Should Do To Get A Job After Graduation-Opinion

Many students think that having a graduate degree guarantees them a job the moment they graduate, not forgetting that, there are many people who graduated some years back and since then, they have never got the job. If you are a citizen of Kenya and you wish to secure the job short time after graduating, you are reading the right article.

First, you need to have connections. In my country Kenya, for you to get a job or most important things in life, you must know some great people or leaders so that they can connect you with those opportunities. So, before to graduate from your school, must have a connection with a person who will give or search the job for you. Otherwise, you will remain jobless for a very long time.

The second thing to do is to look for internship immediately after graduating because this will equip you with the right knowledge and skills required at job market. You will need to look for the internship in the industry or company related to your field of study where you will get the practical skills which will complement your theoretical knowledge you got from school.

Thirdly, register for masters course and further your studies. Because of the low number of students who turn up to do masters, you will be guaranteed to get employed the moment you graduate. You have to know that, master’s degree is more valuable than undergraduate degree and the amount of salary is also different.

You can also raise some capital or talk to your parents to support you financially to have some, which you will use to launch your business if you wish to be self-employed in the future. Furthermore, you will need a little start up capital and from there, you will grow the business with the profit or take a business loan if it's the only remaining option.

To conclude, these are some of the best tricks you can use, although there are many other methods which can help you land a job immediately you complete your studies.

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