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See What The Youngest Assistant County Commissioner Studied at The University

Recently, the government appointed several new assistant county commissioners in the country. This acted as a means of the government to dissipate it's services more effectively to its Citizens using young blood who are highly educated and well energized to work and serve Kenyans.

One of such lucky Assistant Commissioners to be appointed was Patricia Too who is only 25 years of age.

Patricia is a graduate of Rongo university and she graduated in the year 2019.

Patricia was appointed to the position of assistant county commissioner and was deployed to Kakamega South in Kakamega County to help coordinate government activities and projects in that part of the country.

Her appointment is something to give thanks for since she is quite young and just recently graduated from the University.

Many are the graduands who spend so many years tarmarcking and stay for long without getting employed. Some others never get employed at all after graduation and opt to switch to businesses and other means for survival.

Patricia was an IT student and she owns a bachelor's in Information Science from Rongo university. After graduation, She was lucky to earn a scholarship to study a Degree in ICT in Internet and multimedia at Italy in Padua university.

Patricia however declined the invitation to further her studies after she received the appointment and she opted to serve her country

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