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Those Not Vaccinated to Miss Salaries and Will Not be Allowed to Enter Their Work Places

Government has threatened to withhold public servants' salaries who will not have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine by Monday, August 23. 

This comes after the time lines issued by the government for public servants to receive the first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine comes to an end.

Through an official notice sent on Friday, the government has instructed public servants, including teachers and security officers, to ensure that they have receive the first dose of vaccine by tomorrow (Monday) or face disciplinary action, including suspension of their salaries. According to the notice, it has been noted that there have been a low rate of vaccination among public servants with some deliberately boycotting it in order to take advantage of staying away from their work places. 

All public servants are therefore instructed to ensure that they have received the Covid-19 vaccine in the ongoing vaccination program otherwise they will be subjects to disciplinary action in accordance with the order issued by the Head of Public Service Mary Kimonye. 

In addition to the suspension of their salaries, civil servants including teachers and security officers, who will not have received their first dose of vaccine by tomorrow, will also be barred from entering office while their benefits are also at a risk of being revoked. 

Giving the order two weeks ago, the Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua accused some of the employees of boycotting the vaccine in order to continue working from home. The Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua, ruled that a decision has been made that all public servants will be given priority in the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination process and those who will not have received the first dose by August 23, 2021, will be will face tough disciplinary action. 

This comes as Kenya continues to tightened its grip on immunization at a time when the number of Covid-19 related deaths among those who have not been vaccinated, continues to rise sharply here in Kenya and across the world. This has forced the governments in different countries to make it mandatory for public servants and people at greater risk of succumbing to Covid-19 to be vaccinated.

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