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From Working As An Estate Boy To Becoming A President

Life sometimes consists of ups and downs but we try each day and achieve whatever we want in life. In life no situation always stay permanent. The story of trump teaches as a lot that we should never give up in life that we should push on no matter what. Donald Trump the former US president was once a estate boy for the great fighter Mike Iron Tyson. Tyson was a world boxing champions for many years since from his age 19.

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He was the baddest on the planet and nobody was able to fight him. Mighty Tyson was ruthless both on the ring and even outside, if you joke he tears you apart. He took most of his opponents though a technical knockouts. He took all the World titles under his belt from the WBC(World boxing council), WBA(World boxing association) and IBF - (International Boxing Federations). He had no challenge and so he reigned and reigned the whole world.

Tyson was immensely rich from the gifts he won, appearances he made, formalizations and promotion he got from multinationals. Mike Iron Tyson hired the most ridiculed president in the history of Americans today, as his agent. By that time Donald Trump was known as an Estate Tycoon. A report that was published by by the New Yorks times quoted Donald Trump saying "Mike Tyson has asked me and I have agreed, to serve him jointly with regard to future decisions about Mike Tyson's career, including but not limited to the lawsuits going back and between Mike and his current manager, Bill Clayton."(New York Publisher)

Donald trump served his boss Mike Tyson up to 1992 when he was put in a jail for 6 years on charges of rape against an extravagance contestant. This story teaches a lot. Life is like a river flowing from a hilltop and sometimes it finds an obstacle and try to meander around it to find it's way out and flow to the required destination. Life is like a fluid and a dynamic. Anyone can rise from bottom to the top.

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