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Why Venturing Into Poultry Farming Is the Real Deal in 2021/22 with Huge Profits

Due to a lack of job prospects in the public sector, many young people are unemployed. Graduates leave university full of optimism in the hopes of landing a career, but once on the road, things take a turn for the worst.

However, poultry farming is the only business that can be conducted both in Urban and rural areas with limited space and high profits in a short period of time. A day old chick costs one hundred Kenya shillings, thus ten thousand Kenya shillings will get you 100 healthy layers chicks.

After three and a half months, if properly vaccinated and fed, these chicks will begin laying eggs. Assuming that all 100 chicks survive to the laying age of three and a half months and begin laying, you should expect at least 90 eggs, or three trays. A tray of eggs sells for at least 300 Kenyan shillings, thus three trays multiplied by 300 shillings is a minimum daily sale of 900 Kenyan shillings.

The chicken can lay nonstop for three months before production begins to diminish. Three months is about equal to ninety days. If you multiply 900 shillings per day by 90 days, you get Ksh. 81000. This figure is based on the lower level, therefore it could be higher.

You will be rewarded about Ksh. 13,500 monthly for the six months you will have reared the 100 chickens, which is Ksh. 81000 divided by six months. A minimum of 600 Kenya shillings can be obtained by selling the aged chicken for slaughter. And if you multiply Ksh 600 by 100 birds, you get Ksh 60,000. You multiply 60,000 by 81,000 to get Ksh. 141,000 for six months. You're left with Ksh. 111,000 after subtracting the production cost of about Ksh. 30,000.

This equates to a monthly profit of about Ksh. 18,500. This is how the sensible youth might avoid the difficulties of unemployment.

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