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Best Business Ideas For Youths In Kenya

Unemployment is on the rise hence more youths are unable to be independent, and are forced to resort help from friends and family members. As a result some of them resort to doing drugs, prostitution and theft.

1. Salon and barbershop business. The good thing is that one does not need an extensive space to venture. You will never miss clients because image plays a huge role.

2. Selling second hand clothes. All you need to do is to go to areas like Gikomba where you dig into piles of clothes. Then go ahead and sell them at a profit.

3. Uber driver.  If you are a licensed driver, you can find someone who is willing to hire you as a driver for their car.

4. Agribusiness. Due to unemployment, most youths choose to go to upcountry where they venture in agribusiness.

5. Smokie and eggs selling. The good thing about it is that the initial cost is fairly low and the returns are high.

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