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Netizens React After Diamond's Employee Does This To Street Beggars (video)

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Diamond's Photographer is well known to be someone who goes with him almost everywhere since that's basically the life of being a star, since he has to take photos for different purposes.

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His recent actions has however left many tongue tied, especially those that are actually fans of WCB. Since he has been questioned whether he really has got a heart for helping the needy. He has actually taken to his social media and shared a video of himself in a car while driving, to which at some point he slows down, lowers his window and in that same window, there is a child beggar, who actually sees that as an opportunity for luck. Which is not the case. Since instead of helping the child. He looks at him for long them closes his window and speeds away. Even if it is clout chasing, is this extreme? Something that has raised a number if reactions online. Here are some of them.

Video :

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