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Big Problems after School - Benjamin Zulu Advices Young People

Avoid high expectations of employment out of school, somebody to hire you to succeed in your life see far start small by electronics, importing leather the scale fast not dagging and waiting for appressial.

Benjamin zulu said he started small by selling socks.

Think of what you promised or assured yourself on what to achieve, your life style, good cars after school, will not be done by anybody or depenging on employment. Stop working for survival by borrowing loans.

Familiarize, to meet your dreams even if you are employed be a dictator, be extraordinary, make a big impact to the company. In order to be a huge journalist do well, don't wait people to motivate you.

Be out standing not like mediocrities, be a customed to your dreams. Be mind set transformed, sniff situations give rapid out put not like other workmates.

If you want to be a judge or prosecutor, focus on ICC in order to make a difference by setting a level that has never been seen in the company, open chances by yourself.

Media houses master your skills. Do your level best, go the extra mile by burning the midnight oil, be in libraries, do a lot research in youtube to affect the whole world.

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Benjamin Zulu


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