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The Most Suitable Type Of Work During This Covid 19 Pademic Which can Cater for Your Monthly Expenses

During this pandemic, many companies went bankrupt, so many employees were fired by the company. Entertainment venues, shopping venues, and even places of worship are temporarily closed. Now, there are more and more unemployed in this pandemic. Then, how to find the most suitable job in this situation. I will provide a list of jobs that may be helpful to you, especially those who have lost their current jobs.

1. Become a good creator on YouTube.

This job is also very suitable during the current pandemic. By making videos, you can make money easily. However, if you want to pay through YouTube, you must reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 broadcast hours. If you can make a very interesting video, it's not difficult. Make the video as good as possible to make your video profitable quickly.

2. Be a reseller.

Become a reseller to sell other people's products to profit from the profit sharing between the seller and you. You don’t need to keep inventory of items that must be sold. You only need social media to make money by sharing product links from sellers to your social media accounts. If you have friends or relatives who want to buy your shared products in the future, you will get commissions from the sale of these items.

3. Become a tutor

If you know science, math and other skills, now is a great opportunity for you. Because everyone was ordered to stay at home, all places were closed, and even schools were closed. Being a teacher today is a good business opportunity. Because all students in school are required to study at home. This is your chance to mentor students.

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