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Here Are 3 Proven Ways Of Making Money Online Using Only A Smartphone

Here Are 3 Proven Ways Of Making Money Online Using Only A Smartphone

Nowadays, it is somewhat inexcusable to have a mobil phone and still remain without any source of income. One of the many advantages of the fast evolving technology of today is the employment opportunities it brings up.

Online jobs are no longer need to anyone because it has been in existence for years now and surely a lot of people have become accustomed to some of the more famous ones.

The thing about online jobs is the fact that it sometimes scares people away because of the fear of the requirements boh energy- wise ad resources as well. The good news is that in today' s world, it is possible to still make money online with the minimum which is a working smartphone and an internet connection. Don' t believe me? here are some proven ways of making money online using only your smartphone:


Blogging is one of the biggest online jobs that people do nowadays and it has been giving people income over the years such that a lot of people take it as a career as well.

One thing to note is that it has become possible to completely manage a functional blog using only a mobil phone that is connected to the internet. Sites like WordPress make it possible to create a blog and even make posts using only the mobile site or application.

Content Writing

This is similar to blogging but is relatively less complicated. Top sites and blogs are always looking for new minds and ideas so they hire content writers who work from home to provide written content and get paid.

News providers like Scooper (yours truly) are aways on the lookout for new creative writers and it can be done quite comfortable using only smartphone with an internet connection.

Video Blogging

Sites like YouTube hire creative minds who create YouTube channels and post their content.

The good part about opportunities in video blogging is that you have a good amount of creative control and the rules are quite reasonable

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