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Why Employers Pay Employees Better Than Others Despite Them Doing the Same Kind of Job

Many employers have this tendency of remunerating their employees differently despite them doing the same kind of job. Employees might complain as to why other people are being paid better than them. They have the same qualifications, the same year experience and even doing the same kind of job. 

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This will come as a surprise to the employer since she will be expecting that. There is always an option for an employee to decide the amount of money he would wish to be paid based on his academic qualifications and the job description applied. 

Many employees will go for small amount of money just to please their employer. This might come as a desperation or lack of job opportunities. But one thing you need to keep in mind is, the employer will pay you as you wish as long you wages fit into their remuneration structure.

You might be doing the same thing but there's a large disparity of salaries. Your fellow employee bargained for higher wages and the organization accepted. You bargained for low wages and the organization accepted that as well. So you're earning what you asked for and the latter the same. 

And once you've entered into an agreement with an organization and you discover your fellow employee is earning more than you, then count that as your fault. Many things come into consideration as long as remuneration is concerned. But your bargaining power is what will give you a nod ahead of your fellow employees. And the only way out is performance of the contract or you risk being sued by the company for damages. 

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