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Five Businesses That Are Simple to Start to Earn You More Than Ksh 1000 Daily

If you are an unemployed youth it is not yet time for you to complain since their are many business opportunities in Kenya that you can venture into with little capital and start creating your own money without depending on the government.

The following are businesses that you can easily start with little capital and earn more than ksh 1000 daily;

1.Car wash

You can start a car wash without even a car wash machines by just using buckets and water to clean other people vehicles and at the end of the day you will have earned money.

2.Electronic repairing

This business just requires knowledge of electronics and some electrical appliances it is suitable for youths who have done engineering courses and have not secured employment.

3.IT support

This includes guiding people on how to use internet in performing some work like filing KRA returns, how to make online application of jobs, email creation and HELB application which can earn you more than ksh 300 per application and it just requires a smart phones and data bundles.

4.Academic training

If you have any knowledge from a relevant university or college make use of it to create self employment instead of wasting time waiting for government appointments which are limited for instance if you have knowledge and skills in computer you can open a school in your society and start teaching other people about computer at a fee.

5.Online marketing

Online marketing is among the cheapest business to venture into since it requires no capital you just need to have a smartphone at home ,you will not incur any other cost like food and rent. It involves marketing products online and earning commission after you get a client who will buy it.

All youths are encouraged not to be selective and take advantage of any opportunity they get to earn living.

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