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About 800 applications have been received for the vacant positions of four IEBC Commissioners.

Over 800 applications received for the vacant posts of four IEBC Commissioners.

Around 800 applications received for IEBC commissioners! This is very alarming. High rate of unemployment in Kenya due to poor planning and foresight by Jubilee Government. We need to sit our selves down in circle as Kenyans and meditate on how to take care of our people. Let us forget about tribal politics and nepotism.

Those who graduated 10years a go are not yet employment. How come? those preparing to join universities are getting employment before they graduate? 50 top kcse students being given jobs while real graduates are suffering out there with their certificates! This Earth is hard.

Is it because they are children of the Rich, politicians, dynasties, the owners of this country! Those who call shots, that is direct who to be EMPLOYED!

Where we have reached as a country is not something to smile about, over 50 years since independent. We need to disband this country and everyone go home, we start from the beginning.

The Universities, colleges and technical schools are churning out more graduates each year than the government is making job. It doesn't add any economic value to be an educated poor. How will we convince our kids that education is the key to good life when graduates are languishing in deep furnace of poverty?

What is your take one this issue? Do you think the government is doing enough to empower its citizens? Should we blame the government or education system? Feel free to comment, share and like. Follow me for more educative articles like this.

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