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How to develop yourself from a non leadership material to a world leader as you continue to grow.

As a person, you shouldn't take success for granted. Naturally,the society and the whole world expect that you will give back a helping hand at the appropriate time, in order to touch lives,change nations and change the world.

America's renowned tennis player once said,"From what we earn,we make a living but from what we give,there we make a life.So our contributions in life to someone, for you who are moving towards becoming world leaders, would depend on the service that you give to others.Don't compare yourself with the other leaders like those in politics. It is the small service, the small kindness that you show to your colleagues that matters most. Give a helping hand to that youngster, that your peer, that fellow student with difficulties in a certain subject that you are fluent with. That's the kind of service that is most essential; that's the journey towards being a world leader. It all starts with a small service that you practice here and there. Today we shall share with you a few simple and straightforward ideas about nurturing leadership among yourselves.

Be Real

Be yourself; don't imitate other people. Sometimes you can imitate other people and still find that you are not them; you can't be like them, you can't do what they do, you can't speak like them. All you need is just to be simple and true to yourself. So, let's not pretend to be others. Let's be true to ourselves.Tragically, pretenses and lies become part of one's character. These will never enhance your leadership quality. Barack Obama is a perfect epitome, he's a man that never entertained failure, and that is what you need to reflect on. Don't give up, refuse to bulge, don't allow your mind to entertain failure. Be optimistic avoid pessimist ism.

Be open-minded

This is the second quality for developing leadership. Don't pretend that you know everything. It doesn't matter how much you think you know about any subject,there is room to learn more. Always listen to what others have to offer.

Embrace team work.

In football, the player who scores is not that significant. It's the name of the winning team that is the focus. You're told it's the whole team that won not an individual, and this is what teamwork is all about. A times we are given assignments that are a little bit challenging, this you can't do it alone. You have to desire to look for a team to look at the various perspectives of the assignment. This will bring a better result as compared to if dealt with a single person.

Can you be a leader without followers? If you want to become a world leader then you must have followers. In the ABC of leadership,A stands for Attract People. If you are a leader without people around you, think twice. B is Believe in people, in others. If you don't believe in others, you will be suspicious of them. C is Connect with people.

Have self-confidence.

It is good to speak out, even when people are looking down upon you. A leader must be a good speaker.Self confidence is a great leadership skill that you can enhance while you go on with life. Self confidence comes with accepting yourself as you are and focusing on your strong areas such as public speaking. Public speaking, drama and sports are some of the areas where you can acquire these skills.

Be trust worthy.

Do whatever you promise to do. And do it within the agreed time, or even before. People have to know that you are dependable. All employers look for trustworthiness in the people they recruit. Apart from academic qualifications. Trustworthiness defines your character.

Practice self discipline.

It is also an important leadership trait. It is about doing the right things at the right time and the right place. A self disciplined scholar is self driven; you don't actually need to be on the wrong side .They will seem to be ahead of their peers. Bum Philips advises that the only discipline that lasts is self discipline.

Become an all-round student.

As long as it is important to perfect our academic grades, it's equally good to strive to be an all round scholar.Take part in games,create time to go sing,play and chat with friends and in so doing,you make your mind more active.

Have integrity.

I wish to emphasize that integrity is central to success at the each level of life.Integrity is about being honest, having strong moral principles and upright.

A grade without character and integrity will not take you far.In fact ,the first and subsequent promotions you earn after employment may not be as a result of academic papers but because of your level of integrity,industry and honesty.

Lastly remember that in life:No Act Of Kindness No Matter How Small,Is Ever Wasted.


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