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Why It's Not Your Job To Make People Love You

It's not your job to make people love you. Your job is to show people who you are and let them decide if they love that or not. What if they walk away because 'you have unrealistic rules? They were probably going to walk away even if you did everything they wanted. They were just sticking around to see if you would bend and beg so that they can take advantage and go.

Also, note that a sincere person would never insult your way of life just because they don't like it. They would politely disagree and excuse themselves. Anyone who complains bitterly on their way out is egotistical and weak already. So why change anything in your life for them?

They found you glowing because of your convictions and standards and they were drawn to you because of that, although they won't admit it directly. Now they want you to violate those principles for them and then you change into what? In truth, they're trying to bring you down to a level where they can use you.

Never step down from who you are because of someone. The right person will share your convictions and your standards already. Do not allow the wrong people to make you leave your rightful place.


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