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''I was My Own Boss in Saudi Arabia. I Was Never Mistreated.'' Nelly

Her life took a different twist after she got a job in Saudi Arabia. Despite the challenges that are in the Gulf countries she was able to overcome them all. Luckily her experience in Saudi Arabia is one of its kind. She enjoyed her stay in the country.

The agent who had taken her to Saudi Arabia paid for her everything including her ticket. Nelly was also taken through some training for two weeks. She never used her money. In Saudi Arabia, she got a good family. They welcomed her well and showed her what she needed to do. Unfortunately, they had language barriers. It took her three months to know how to speak Arabic.

Her employer showed her what her job entailed and how she needed it to be done. Her only problem was the cleaning machine. It was different from the one they were taught here in Kenya. It was a challenge to her but she was taught how to use it. Luckily her employer helped her to cook for over one year.

Her daily chores included cleaning utensils, cleaning the house, clothes, and other simple things. Nelly was supposed to wake up at 8 in the morning. But because she didn't have a lot of work to do, she decided to wake up at 9:30 am. And because they were only a few people in the house, everybody made her breakfast at any given time.

In the real sense, she had her freedom. And because her employer was an old woman, she treated her like her daughter. Her phone was always on and unlike some people never communicate with their people in Kenya. ''I always called my family anytime I felt like. Mostly I called because of my child who I had left back in Kenya.'' She says.

Tips on how to live well with your employer in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Be disciplined and obedient.
  2. Do your work well and never wait to be told what to do.
  3. Be trustworthy.
  4. Never commit adultery or be friends with any male where you are working.
  5. Be humble and respect their religion.
  6. Be wise in what you say.
  7. Respect their children and never discipline them.

Nelly's boss kept her the whole salary until her contract was over. The boss was good. After the contract was over she was given all her money. Nelly intends to go back to Saudi Arabia because her investment project here in Kenya is not complete.

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