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How To Succeed And Get Tasks From Clients As An Online Writer

Keep improving your skills, no matter how much you earn or how many clients you have got books or read blogs about writing.

Read from top blogs to see how the content is written. Note the word use, phrasing, structure, idiom, joke, etc., that moves you.

Never stop learning. Lest you may one day get back out to the world and realize your writing skills are so backward — and no longer in demand from high-value clients.

Look for clients regularly, even when you have clients. I've mentioned this many times in my posts. Don't get tired of reading this. Trust me, you need it.

Take time to learn how to market. Learn from the greats. Perfect your proposal and pitching skills. Apply for jobs across multiple platforms.

If you have no job, then applying for jobs is your full-time job! Don't get tired of applying for jobs from people on social media.

Work hard, my friend. Success is your portion. Claim it!

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