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4 'Deadly' Mistakes You Should Never Make In Your Life

1.Uninformed career choice

The choice of one's career is supposed to come from the depth of one's heart.The problem comes in where a majority of us make misguided decisions at the time of choosing our courses which eventually leads to our careers.Some of the factors leading to this menace are parental and peer pressure.You get yourself doing a course simply because all your friends and relatives are against your choice.Have in mind that career is all about passion and it's a long-term decision.Choose something you can be woken up at midnight and you'll willingly wake up to do it.

2.Trusting easily

This is a major mistake in the current generation especially among the youths.Cases of suicides and murder out of love triangles have been on the rise in the recent past.In my opinion,I believe that some of these cases are as a result of easing giving your trust to people.Trust is something that one should earn hence you should take time to study someone,test him or her and if he passes then start giving them your trust bit by bit.Always remember that once one breaks your trust, you'll be soo heartbroken and this can change your life for good as you might end up never trusting again.

3Hurried marriages

This is another problem especially in the current age.You get into a marriage with someone due to some current circumstance such as pregnancy,pressure from friends and family,fear of being single for long among others.Hurried marriages don't last long as you'll eventually find out that you ain't compatible with the person you got married to.At times this can be too late which might lead to you living in a hell of marriage.

4.Reckless spending

To be successful in this life,one has to have a road map on how to achieve their dreams especially financially.The problem with most people nowadays is that they live the life of today not minding how tomorrow will be.You end up spending extravagantly on short term things and before you know it,you are out of time with no source of income and as broke as a church mouse.Spend wisely for you not to regret tomorrow.

I hope you have learnt something from the above mentioned and will share it with friends.Kind like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Do not forget to get vaccinated and follow the health guidelines in bid to win over this pandemic.

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