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How To Get The Pay You Want At A Job Interview

Negotiation skills is key when discussing the amount of pay during a job interview. Many people always shy off in quoting their preferred salary leaving it to the mercy of their employers.

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One thing you should remember is that, while a job is amazing, it is not a favor, it is an exchange of labour for money. Don't forget that. Here are 5 things to learn on negotiating your salary;

1. The first thing is to always know your value and to be confident about it. Thou it is hard in times where you are told to be grateful to have a job in this economy, remember a job is not a favor. Stand firm on you value.

2. Do a market research. Talk to friends, colleagues, people in HR and even people at your level in the industry. If possible, research the remuneration mode from the interviewing organization.

3. Learn to be ready to negotiate from the top of the range or higher because recruiters or the finance team will always try to get you as low as possible. Always ask for more than you want but be measurable.

Quoting a lower amount to increase your chances of getting the job is shooting yourself in the foot.

4. Before bringing up the numbers (salary) ensure you have justification why you are asking for that specific amount. Things like showing what you have done, the value you have added and what you can do can help you boost your confidence on this.

5. Lastly, figure out the lowest number you would accept and be willing to walk away from the table. Its is not easy based on the financial situation but if you surrender and give them an upper hand, you will always be the one losing.

There you go, hope you have learnt something.

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