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2021 Online jobs to Earn You Big

Do you want to earn a recurring amount of cash monthly, each month you earn an amazing sum of revenue working online, then you might want to tighten your focus on this information, am about to offer to you for free.

Well since the start of the pandemic a lot of disturbance has been seen ,many people have lost their job ,others life this has called for more safer way to safe life, well social and physical distance have been on the forefront ,of fighting this virus ,wash your hands with soap and running water,keep distance to save lives .Although that , also offers us an advantage as ordinary people ,who are jobless or relieved from work .Don't be worried just follow the simple steps I show you, and this way you may find yourself ,having no problem at all paying your bills .Their is a broad was of earning online ,but let us focus In this one game changing topic ;

> Blogging;

Yes blogs ,are very easy to make ,and an easy way to make a recurring amount of cash monthly in any part, of the world .To make a blog , you have to be a good writer and willing to share your knowledge with others all over the world, well for starters ,it my be quit undermining but thank you ,to browser like opera mini hup ,that have offered people in Kenya now a chance to become bloggers. So if you are in Kenya and you are a writer, with amazing content that you can share to the world. You need to sign up with opera mini now its free ,the amazing part of working with opera, is you just have to deliver an amazing content that you own not coped from another person blogs post. Well, this way you will end up earning recurring monthly payments, just for posting amazing content.

For those who would wish other alternative method ,of blogging, you will need first to make a blog site with website like wix .com or WordPress this will mean you have to pay monthly for, hosting services etc. well on the bigger picture ,after finishing this process and making an beautiful looking website, then you need to plan on the content, you just can't pop up nonsense blogs,and expect result .You have to plan, your blog on a certain field of experience, like that you have know how or ideas about. Also that you are good at this way you will end up enjoying It. After pulling traffic to you blogs by promoting you blog, post through paid ads, or whatever way you like and creating content that is valued by SEO ,in order to pull more views , the next step is how to monetize your blogs. Unlike using opera news hup that has already monetized ,your content as long as it's published ,using this other web sites you need to upgrade your game, think outside the box .You have to find a way to monetize your content all you will just be publishing post, for fun. How to monetize a blogs.

Well guys there different ways to monetize you blogs.

1;Affiliate Marketing

As a blog writer you need to have a certain domain that your blogs lies on ,this way it becomes easy for companies that are willing to now what types of field domains, product they can offer you customer in this case the traffic you pull towards your blogs. Which is made up of different people, who might end up buying from affiliate links,before choosing a product .Make sure to chose product, in your domain, that offers a 50%commision on each sales,this way you end up getting an handsome amount commission at end of each sales. Places to find product are or you will need to influence people to buy through you affiliate link.

2;Google Ads

With Google dense ads, you only place you ads in your blog post in a way that anytime someone views your content ,least he views 10sec of your ads ,this way Google will be able to monetize your ads .And end months you end up with an amazing payment.

3;positioning banner ads,

Well like I said thinking out of the box here is the big picture .You can choose to place CPA banner this simply means cost per action ,a person click on your banner affiliate link, and complete an action , this action my be downloading a mobile app, providing an email address, signing up for a free trial of a product or requesting a quote ,well working with CPA is better ,since you will earn your commission even if the product is not sold unlike affiliate marketing, which you have to sell a product to earn. Imagine earning a commission for trial of version of antivirus paying $5 to $50 per trial ,well here are some sites that you can dig out CPA offers or

4; Insert a membership site.

Since you have a blog that is pulling a lot of people attention, globally you need to think of way to utilize this by incorporating into your blog a membership site, that needs new members to sing up and pay a monthly fee .So as to gain access to your membership site ,well this needs to be worth since in order to pay for something. It has to be worthy my money guys, like the ability to have new amazing mind blowing ideas, that are worth paying for maybe something like. How to make $10000 through drop services In one month ,that is worth my $10 sign up fee ,to earn through this monetization methods is simple, more sing up more cash .

5;And the last one not the least,

Sell services ;drop services.

When I am talking of drop services you might be thing he confusing for for drop shipping ,no its not me making a speaking mistake my friend, I said drop services. Ok there are hundreds of services to be sold online from different domains , writing, graphics design , music digital marketing .A drop services agent is like a middle man between to parties .For example some one needs to make a website and he has no clue on how to make one he goes online searching for people, or companies that can make a website for him .As a drop services agent i don't need to have a idea on how to make a website, all i need is a good and well formulated website, showing how i make website for a certain fee. Lets imagine a fee of $1500 dollars to make a functional ,websites well I place my banner ads on my blog ,already with a lot of traffic , through promoting by paid ads or SEO analytic etc .One of my blogs visitor is the guy who is in needs of a website ,and here on the blog he finds a banner. Of my website and click , directed to me he orders a website ,according to his like ,and pays the money for that service .I have no idea of marking or design a website,as a drop service agent my job is to connect jobs ,from my employer to a person ,that can do the same ,jobs better ,well smart and complies with my employers demands. But also some one ,who can do the jobs for a much lower cost .This way i need a site that offers this services, like up work. I sing up with up work, fiver or a freelancer who has experience in making website and definitely work experience ,and can offer the same services but on a cheaper cut .Maybe $1000 dollars, well he delivers the website, and i deliver to my initial employer. After all that, i keep $500 dollars, and pays $1000 dollars for the job done,every body goes home happy. Fortunately to drop service means you don't become, greedy taking a lot of high demanding, service and having ,no clue about them. While having a freelancer, who delivers, poor work. You end up making a lot of loses ,.For drop services business to work, well you need ,a domain you at least have a now how,of how to ,and a clue of freelancers ,that you trust can do very impressive expert jobs nevertheless, the more traffic toward both your site blog and website the more ways of making $5000 to $10000 dollars a month will not be a problem.


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