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The Top 4 Lucrative Jobs In The Kenyan Market In 2021

Money is the biggest motivater and absolutely nobody would want to toil mercilessly and still get paid peanuts.Jobs are scarce and over 2.5 million kenyans lost their source of bread amidst the covid lockdown.Self employment has sprouted for many but for those without enough capital and stamina it's only a dream.

History there are some jobs that have cemented their importance in the society hence their financial return is hefty.Professional jobs have dominated the arena but technology has also exploded into the market within a very short time.

1.Software engineers.

Tech jobs are among the few jobs that survived the pandemic's job whipping.Software engineers are very few in Kenya and the lucky ones who make it to the completion stage have everything to smile about financially.A top software engineer bags up to 5 million shillings a month.Safaricom ,IBM and Google are the best employers to work under.


Financial services are high paying and require the sharpest minds who are don't come cheap also.Managing finances in a big firm would mean you will pocket a lucrative lumpsum afterall if you are underpaid you will be tempted to embezzle the finances.The pay however may differ in accordance to the station of employment.Most financial managers are compensated for their services with 500,000 shillings to a million monthly.


Medicine has never had a dull moment with its relevance growing each and every day.The pandemic saw medical students being pulled into the work scene even without graduating to assist other doctors.Doctors are paid up to 300,000 shillings a month with top surgeons earning more.Nursing and pharmacy are also financially pampered careers.


Africa as a continent is still considered naked in terms of infrastructure.Projects are initiated every day to facilitate ease of living and all these need engineers.A good example is the Nairobi express way and NMS projects that were attracting jobs while others were being cut off from their jobs.Engineering is always in high demand and this some pocket up to 500,000 shillings a month.

Apart from these some online jobs have also skyrocketed in value.Some Kenyan bloggers are earning in excess of 300,000 shillings working from home.Self employed kenyans have also made millions due to their creativity and business choices.

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