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High paying jobs with no degree requirements

College and university education is expensive but getting a four year degree is an impressive achievement in your life . If you are looking for a job that requires no degree , check out these five options .

1 . Entrepreneur .

This is one of the highest paying jobs that technically doesn't need any qualifications at all . All you need is some starting capital , a business idea and the determination to work on it . The richest men on the planet are currently entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos , Warren Buffet and Bill Gates . Entrepreneurship is the backbone of most economies globally .

2 . YouTube creator .

One of the best ways to make money currently os through video creation on YouTube . A lot of people including models , chefs , reviewers , make up artists , musicians and many others are now YouTubers . YouTubers require a secondary skill besides video making , something to show off on their videos . YouTubers are normally self employed and they create content hoping that it gets as manny views as possible so that they earn highly .

3 . Transportation .

Transportation , distribution and storage managers form another group of high paying workers with no required degree . The field requires very little in terms of formal education .

4 . Computer programmers .

These are people who write and test computer codes responsible for running applications and programs . A computer programmer needs yo be knowledgeable in different computer languages including Python , Java C++ , Ruby and many others . Programmers can work for a design company that works with computer systems , financial institutions , software publishers and others . The best thing about this kind of job is that many things can be done remotely hence there is no need for daily commute . This means that more of the annual salary for the role is kept in the worker's pocket .

5 . Radiation Therapist .

A radiation therapist sometimes known as a radiographer is a technician who performs x-rays on patients and any other diagnostic testing that requires imaging .

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