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Opinion: Possible Reasons majority of the population in the world is jobless

Joblessness is major problem in the world today. Most of the young population is jobless in all the countries in the world. This joblessness has affected the economies of individual countries which has trickled down to the world economy being affected.

The major factors contributing to joblessness is the high retirement age for the employed. In most countries, the retirement age is between 60 and 65 years. That means, before an individual retires, so many kids have been born and they will be competing for the one vacancy left. Hence by the time an indidual retires, there will be so many young people ready for the job but only few get the job while the others are left jobless.

The other factor is lack of growth of industries to employ the people. Most companies are concentrated in a particular area or country hence will only employ people in that area alone. Some of these company owners can't open branches in other areas because of high transportation cost of raw materials.

Lack of innovative and creativity. The curriculums that are being taught in most countries lack inovativeness and creativity. The curriculum should be able to encourage learners to be employers not employees. Most curriculums produce good employee who compete for the few job vacancies available.

To avert this menece of joblessness, we should start from reviewing our education systems so that it is more of practical than theoretical. It should be more of doing than reading written theories that are not even put into practice.

Encourage the young people to exploit their talents instead of waiting to be employed. Most countries have prioritized talent to encourage young people. Talents are now paying well and making individuals millionaires each and every day. Talents that have been invested into include sport and singing.

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