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Problems affecting the youths

There are various reasons affecting the youths:

1. Unemployment

- Many youths are jobless. They don't have opportunities to gain the experience that is required by most companies.

- There are limited job opportunities.

2. Lack of resources

- Many youths have great ideas but lack the resources they need to realize them.

- Some youths have business ideas but don't have the capital to start them.

3. Drug abuse

- Many youths are suffering from drugs addiction.

- The abuse of weed, alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine has been high among the young people.

- This has made many young people to involve themselves in criminal activities.

4. Poverty

- Poor standards of living has caused frastrations among the young people.

- It has caused an increase in the crime rate.

- Due to poverty many people are unable to go to higher education institution's and therefore lack the required qualifications in the job market.

*. Many young people lack technical skills that can help them become self employed.

*. Many youths have degrees but there are less opportunities in the White collar job market.

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