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Highest paying professions in Kenya


People who work as pilots are one of most paid on their salary. And this can be because of how the aviation course is expensive. Monthly salary of apilot varies according to type of type aeroplane is working with.

Media presenters

Media personalities more so news anchors and radio presenters who are famous earn good money. One has to make his name big for him to earn good money. It's believed some earn about 300,000 to 1 million.


Politics is believed to the career which is fastest in generating income. Some people quit their job to be politicians. In Kenya MCA earn more 150,00 a month without allowances, Governors earn 924,000 and Mps earn 710,000 a month.


It's the field where only bright people work. An entry salary of a doctor is not less than 50,000 which increase with time as someone gets experience.


Employed software engineering with a degree in Kenya earn up to 140,000. And civil engineers earn also up 150,000 and more.

Information Technology

Mostly in these day companies are embracing new technology and they need IT experts. This has helped expand the field and increased the demand of employees.

CEOs of blue Chip countries

CEOs of big companies earn millions of money monthly. Good example being Safaricom CEO.

NGO and civil Society groups

Non governmental organization are some of the employers who pay good salaries depending on their budget. Some of well paying NGOs in Kenya include USAID, UN, Oxfam and may others.

Accounting and Finance

Accountants and Finance managers are the custodians of organization funds.However salaries differ between different jobs. Accounts and Finance managers in Kenya its believed they earn up to 150,000 a month.


Marketers who enjoy good money are those mostly working in insurance companies, banks and advertisement firms.

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