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Opinion: Minimizing on Graduates’ Unemployment

Students have always believed that the only way to get a well-paying job is to work extra hard in school, as the saying goes, "Education is the key to success”. This created an atmosphere where students compete to attain high grades so as to proceed to the next level of education. To encourage this trend, the government through the ministry of education has always recognized those who perform exemplary in national examinations, KCPE and KSCE. This, at most times, has made many graduates feel demoralized and that they cannot achieve much in life. How many of these high-performing graduates are employed and are leading a good life?

The truth is, performing well in examinations does not necessarily mean having a compelling future. Academic certification does not necessarily open doors to employment. It does not mean that students should not work hard in their studies. Excellence in academics should incorporate talent promotion and skills development. Many graduates end up becoming unemployed because of a lack of technical and life skills. These two are the top things that employers consider before hiring anyone.

The main obstacle for graduates is trying to switch their mentality from the school environment and inculcate them into the working environment. On realizing that there are no jobs for them, they end up being frustrated. They opt for quicker ways of making money, for instance, by peddling drugs and other criminal activities. It is so sad to lose young people due to drugs and criminal activities, especially after spending a fortune educating them to have a better life.

As early as possible, students should be introduced to skill-based training and be enlightened about alternatives to being employed. This will produce competent work-ready graduates. With hands-on skills trained, a large number of them may opt to become self-employed. Self-employed individuals may, later on, become employers and employ other young people in society. You can agree that this will largely reduce unemployment, criminal activities and boost our economy.

Technical and vocational institutions have always helped youths gain skills for the job market. Most people have always despised these institutions, particularly in recent times. They were believed to be reserved for failures in academic performance. Rarely can you find a graduate from a technical or vocational institution who is unemployed. They are either employed or run their own businesses.

Entrepreneurial skills should also be mandatory for students. This will not only help them start their own business some time in their life but also help them learn how to manage their finances.

I believe with the introduction of the competence-based curriculum, we shall have a more competent workforce in the near future. 

For those graduates already job hunting, they should find refresher courses that are skills-based and have a keen eye on trends in the job market. Also, it is important to mention that it is good to boost their soft skills. There are many sites on the web that provide free courses, including Alison-Free Online Courses and Online Learning, among others.

What are your thoughts on this? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments, share, and follow me for more education articles. Thank you.

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