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8Worst paying jobs in Kenya guards/ Watchmen.

All people value being protected and thats why people are usually employed to serve as security guards.Working as a security guard is one of the most dangerous job that people take in Kenya.Despite the profession being dangerous the are rewarded as low as 12000 on monthly basis.The interesting part is that the job is available since big companies needs is very easily to secure a job as a security guard.


it is not strange to find teaching in this list .its so unfortunate that teachers are in category of low salary earners.if you consider the knowlege the teachers impart to the students and pupils one will suggest that they should appear among the highed paid professionals.Kenyan teachers who work in public schools are usually poorly rewarded in alot of cases, their salaries come with specified deductions.The teachers who work in private sector earns better than those in public sector.Those in private sector have a concrete reason to maintain better living conditions compared to the counterparts who often demonstrate on the streets requesting pay increase.


Just like teachers nurses are poorly rewarded in Kenya.Nursing is not an easy task and it should be a high paying professional.Some kenyan nurses are still paid below 40,000 per month yet they devote alot of time to patients.Due to low payment and workload some kenyans are not showing interest in medical field and the country is running short of health practitioners including doctors.


Nairobi is the only town where a maid can earn more than 6000 but in other town its less than 6000.they are the most underpaid workers and ironically they overwork.

5.Police Officers

They earn between 20,000 and 50,000 per month. This low amount usually leads the police officers being corrupt.The new recruits of police officers takes home less than 20000 Per month.Ironically those who are much experienced earns below 100000.


They are the most underpaid workers in Kenya.Hotels mostly pay Ksh 10,000 to 20,000 per month.Only in 5-star hotels where waiters earn more than 50000.

7 messengers

Working as a messenger is alow paying job you earn less than ksh 10, 000.This can not be enough to feed your family unless you got a side hustle.

8 sales

Banks usually pays the retainer which is terminated after some period of time, therefore they are paid commissions on sale .most banks pays them ksh 10000 only.

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