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5 Successful Guaranteed Hustles In Kenya That Makes Someone Billionaire

Every person has a dream for becoming successful in Kenya. Below are some of few hustles youths and interested people can run to become successful in future?

 1) Grocery.

Food is a basic need for every person. You can have small grocery and have sure bet that people will have to purchase despites what. Starting a grocery needs less than 20000 shilling to start. You can start by selling fruits such as pawpaw, apples, melons, pineapples, oranges, bananas or selling vegetables such as kales, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and carrots.

If you put more efforts and plan well the business in few years will have grown to big grocery.

 2) Selling of second hand clothes.

As food is a basic need for every person same to clothing. Every person has to wear clothe hence with no doubt you have to buy. What you need is identify place where you feel there is demand, consider the age and gender for highest population. You require as little as 10000 shillings to start this business. For a business oriented person you can but one bale of second hand clothes and sell aiming at 100%profit.The profit gain some of it used to increase the business. This will make you grow big in future.

 3) Selling of boiled eggs.

Eggs are source of proteins. People really love eating boiled eggs with source. Eggs can be purchased mostly in towns or near learning institution. Eggs require small capital to start. The profit may look small but trust me that it’s not. Let’s assume that you 1egg at 10 shilling  and sell it at 20shilling and you end up selling 100 eggs it means that per day you will have a profit of 1000shillings per month you will have a profit of 30000shillings this is good start meaning within a year you will be rich.

4) Rearing of chicken

If you target to sell chicken in towns this is best business to start since its most business generating profit.

5) Cooking snacks.

Many people love taking breakfast with escort. If you start cooking snacks its best to cook in the morning. This business requires very little capital to start.










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