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What Can We Expect From Our Future World Leaders Within The Next 50 Years?

In my view, there are two possible expectations, either positive or negative. Negative expectations are guaranteed if most of the current crop of leaders, the current crop of potential leaders will continue passing on what in my view is an erroneous concept of leadership. By that, I mean a concept and belief that leadership is reserved for an elite group of people, is all about a title, position, age, charisma, appearance, race, birthright among other things.

The repercussions of this are that, the world will be characterized by:

1. Leaders that believe and think that they are superior to the people they lead (leaders who think and believe to their core that followers are inferior and are slaves to their leaders).

2. Leaders that think they are supposed to be served by those they lead.

3. Leaders will continue to nature the culture of mediocrity.

4. There will be continuous serious wastage of resources, energy, and time.

5. Leaders will continue to abuse, take advantage of, be unjust to those they lead.

6. There will be continuous manipulation of the masses for the sole purpose of leaders benefitting first and, in some cases, alone. (Leaders prioritizing their own selfish interest in everything).

7. Nothing planned and executed will be achieved competently and successfully.

8. Followers and people, in general, will continue to be stressed, anxious, and have low morale.

9. Overall reduction in productivity.

10. Problem and challenges will continue to multiply despite advancements in technology, medicine, infrastructure among other things.

Positive if most of the current crop of leaders and the current crop of potential leaders are going to embrace the true concept of leadership, the concept, and belief centered on the truth that every human alive has the potential to be a leader, the truth that leadership is really about 20% FORMAL AUTHORITY (talent, gifts, competencies, mastery, abilities, strengths, title, or position) and 80% MORAL AUTHORITIES (stable character = integrity, honesty, care, sincerity, justice, and self-control).

In other words, leadership is about having the right positive attitude, having the heart of service, inspiring and influencing others (without manipulation) for the purpose of advancing the achievement of a common cause. The expectations then will be that:

1. The world will have leaders that believe and think that they are servants of the people, leaders that know that a position or title is a privilege, we will have leaders that will priorities the interest of the people they serve above their own.

2. We will have relationships, businesses, institutions, companies, and countries that will have a good empowering culture, there will be a noticeable increase in productivity.

3. Increase in opportunities, morale, loyalty, quality of life, and happiness.

4. Prudent and appropriate use of resources, much greater chances of resolution of challenges.

5. The world will be a better place for all.

All in all, my point is that: leadership affects the bottom line, leadership is critical, leadership makes the difference. Effective leadership will result in the above-highlighted points. Conversely, poor, or ineffective leadership will have the opposite effect as highlighted under the negative repercussion heading.

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