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City Estates Where Commercial Sex Workers Are Operating In Residential Areas

Life is not easy at all and everybody is trying to earn a living in all possible ways in this tough economy where people have witnessed prices of items doubling up within months. Apparently, for night nurses they are having tough time since they get few clients who offer just little amount of money. Majority of the clients decided to concentrate with the economy to help their families and the few remaining have taken advantage wanting to pay just petty coins. Some night nurses have even set up bases in residential areas to ply their trade.

Koinange Street within Nairobi city had been regarded by many as Nairobi's red light and hotspot district where night nurses operated. Lately, night nurses have moved from the famous Koinange Street and have now set up bases in city estates where they operate not only during the night but also at daytime hours.

According to Standard, these night nurses have poured onto the streets and estates of areas which are densely populated to ply their trade and have set up bases in residential areas including Eastlands and some areas along Thika Road in the capital. In these residential areas, these night nurses do their business casually like someone selling tomatoes to earn a living in all possible ways in this tough economy. Source, Standard.

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Koinange Street Nairobi


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