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What does it take to become an entrepreneur

What bothers me about entrepreneurship questions is that they don’t get as much readership or as many answers as most other topics concerning life.

The fact that most entrepreneurship questions get unfairly fewer answers than they deserve is absurd. Nevertheless, this is still a well answered question and I’d like to add my weight to it especially because it will benefit the youth of today.

So, to answer the question what does it take to become an entrepreneur, you need the following:

1. A big Idea. An idea represents a vision of something you will become or do sometime in the future. The idea should be big enough to motivate you to do something about it every day. It should be big enough to give you a reason to smile, in spite of struggle, laugh in spite of pain, and give you a reason to wake up every morning.

2. Courage/Guts. Courage represent the confidence you must have to take action regardless of what people say about you or your “big idea”. You should be bold enough to take a step in the right direction despite set backs and/or failure.

3. Leverage. Leverage is what you need to start a business—capital. Education is good leverage. Knowledge is leverage. Money is leverage. People are leverage. Customers are leverage. For example, if the first two young guys had many customers, they could easily rise to this level:

[Photo Credit: Google]

4. Persistence. Persistence is the energy that powers a dream. It represents the drive to continue on a particular course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition and failure.

5. Time .Time represents the period that is required to allow for something to manifest. Everything passes through time to manifest. Even mangoes take time before they become ripe. Whereas some things take a short period of time to manifest, others take years, depending on the properties, quality, size and value of the thing.

All these young men have one asset they can leverage to their best advantage but they’re probably not aware of it—they both have time on their side. What they do within that time-space will determine what they’ll become in the next 10-20 years.

When combined, these five things are necessary for the success of any entrepreneur.

If you’re passionate for success as an entrepreneur, you should develop a tendency to read—a reading habit. More importantly, to become an entrepreneur, you must develop the mindset of an entrepreneur

Reading entrepreneurship books will empower you with the knowledge you need to succeed faster and minimize mistakes.

An informed entrepreneur is better than an ignorant one. Besides, reading will expand your brain and enable you to become a better person beyond entrepreneurship.

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