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Questions You Should Never Answer In An Interview Unless You Have Vast Knowledge(Opinion)

Many people attend interviews with an aim of getting a job because they have all the qualifications needed. What some people do not know is that the interviewers will go further from academic qualifications to personal life. The questions are mainly asked to decrease the number of applicants so that they will only remain with a few people.[Photo Courtesy]

The first questions is about your religion. When you are asked this question be prepared with what to answer. Take for instance that you say you are a Christian and you find out that the people who are about to employ you are muslims, or you are a Muslim and the people doing an interview with you are Christians. They might be looking people of the same religion who will understand them better. You might be thrown out if you are the odd one.[Photo Courtesy]

The second thing is about your political stand in the country. Do not be in a rush to say that you support some politician or you are campaigning for a specific party. You will be betraying yourself if the politician and the party you have mentioned are hated in that working environment. Your chances of getting the job might be minimal because they will always attack you politically and you might see yourself as an outsider.[Photo Courtesy]

The third question is about your tribe and where you come from. I have experienced this thing whereby interviewers will ask you your tribe, clan, where you come from and who you know in that region. If you happen to mention a tribe or a place which they hate, be sure that your chances of getting the job will be minimal.

Lastly, if you are subject to answer any of these questions, consult first from any workers if that place before the interview session. They might give you a clue on what will be going on inside the interview room. You can also use your vast knowledge in answering the questions without offending anyone. This might keep you at the safe place to get your most admired job.

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