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If you are a trained teacher or a doctor living in these counties, try this method and find a job

It is the dream of every trained person to get a good job after completing their education. This is because many of them will want to start their families and build a good future for their children. Others will want to support their parents and other young members of the family as a way of thanking their parents. In other words, the journey of education is not an easy one because many parents struggle with paying expensive school fees. Others sell personal properties such as land and animals to raise money for their children and support their education. 

This kind of dedication has made parents sacrifice and educate the elder children without failure. They hope that one day when they are old the grownup children will be having good jobs and assist their younger brothers and sisters.

However, it is not a sure thing that after you complete your education there is a job waiting for you. As a graduate you have to look for a job and not to sit and wait for the job to find you because that will never happen. It is a serious issue that has destroyed many young graduates who are jobless.

They have lamented that the government is not providing them with job opportunities yet they are not looking for the jobs themselves. 

Earlier this month many county governments launched online internship opportunities meant for those who are jobless and have certificates of training. A good example is Uasin Gishu which is among the many counties giving this opportunity to trained teachers and doctors who have graduated and are not yet employed.

The internship will be a one year duration whereby those who will qualify will be given a chance to work in their field of training. 

Why is internship so important for you?

i. Internship will allow you to practice what you trained for while in college. As they say practice makes one to be perfect and in this case there is no way you will be perfect if you do not share what you have.

ii. This will assist you gain enough experience as you prepare and wait to be employed by the government in a permanent positions. This way you will know what you will be dealing with after you get the job.

iii. If you allow yourself to work and mix with other people it will benefit you because you will have an opportunity to learn from others. In addition, you may be able to hear of job opportunities from other interns that may be related to your line of training.

iv. It is true that some internship opportunities will once in a while pay good money to interns. If you will be lucky to get one that pays you then it will enable you to collect and save enough money. However, if the internship does not pay it will still be an advantage to you in case there is a job that asks for internship experience.  

Requirements and how to apply

Interested applicants are directed to visit their respective county websites and submit their interests. They will be required to fill their personal information, education and finalize by selecting their internship positions.

They will be required to be of good behavior and with no criminal records from the police. This can be easily done by scanning and uploading a certificate of good conduct. They will also attach their secondary and college level education certificate as this will increase your chances of being selected. Good luck.  

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