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Ten Jobs With The Highest Suicidal Rates In The World

Suicide is the deliberate act of self-harm.

With whatever a person does as a job, there are many challenges and setbacks that may lead to mental issues and thus prompt suicide.

These jobs have the highest suicidal rates.

1. Medical Doctors. For decades, rates of psychiatric disorders and suicides are high aming doctors. Working under pressure and stressful conditions, they have to make life and death decisions. Sometimes, they don't have enough pay and no time to spend with their loved ones

2. Dentists. Dentist's rates of taking their own life are at a high rate than the national average with the male dentists taking the lead.

3. Police officers. The rate of killing oneself in officers serving in enforcement institutions is high, having access to the arms ,police officers have been experiencing high suicidal rate.

4. Veterinarians. Female veterinarians are said to be 3.5 times more likely to end it all than their male counterparts.

5. Financial services. On the contratry to what most people think that financial officers have enough money, most actually do not have. Suicide among them is due to financial issues.

6. Real Estate Agents. Real estate agents have a high rising rate of dying by their own hands likely due to mortgages and poor sales.

7. Electricians. Among electricians, males are more exposed to end it all due to exposure to electromagnetic fields.

8. Lawyers. Statistics suggests that many lawyer's and attorney's high rate of taking their own life, are the prevailing conditions that were at the time of death. Male lawyers are two times more likely to kill themselves than female lawyers.

9. Farmers. Farmers have the highest depression rates due to financial pressures, harzadous work, isolation, crop attacks and diseases.

10. Pharmacists. Although self-kill rates is not homogeneous in all countries, Pharmacists mostly aged 40- 59 years old, do hang or poison themselves.

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