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One Daily Habit That Will Make Your Future a Success

The main difference between the richest and the poorest person in the world narrows down to one thing - Daily Habit.

Your daily habits, which are your daily decisions, are the main determinant of what awaits you tomorrow, which is either poverty or richness.

Habits are shared. We all know habits like laziness or procrastination are a remedy for failure.

There is one daily habit you must develop and it is regarded as a father to success, and it is common in 99% of the world billionaires.

But first, take a piece of paper and draw a circle. In the circle, draw everything that you own. Let's say a car, house, your motorcycle etc.

Next step. Outside this circle, draw everything that you wish for in life. Everything that you ever dreamed of... that vacation in Dubai, buying a house in the city, that Mercedes Benz, name and draw them.

So, what is enclosed in the circle is everything that you possess, and outside is everything that you wish for but can't afford.

So, what is this circle? Your COMFORT ZONE.

This implies that everything that you own right now is within your comfort zone, but all you wish for is outside your comfort zone.

But this comfort zone is the most difficult thing to get out of, and success starts at the end of the comfort zone.

If you find yourself doing something over and over on a daily basis, then it's in your comfort zone.

So, what is that one habit that you need to do daily to get out of your comfort zone? Well, the answer is simple.


This means doing something that scares you. Facing your fears of failure and starting that business you have been thinking about for over a year today. It may mean confronting your boss and giving suggestions that may help your organization. Taking that driving lesson, enrolling for higher learning etc.

If you develop this habit today and make it a daily routine, your wishes will become a reality.

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