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How to Overcome Unemployment

Kenya is a third world country, to overcome unemployment one need to be unique.

The truth of the matter is ; if you are an ordinary graduate you will be forced to struggle for survival.

Here now is what Dr. Jacobs says:

Are you still JOBLESS?

Visit offices, factories and hospitals and secure cleaning contracts. Supply water, stationery, furniture, computers or medical equipment. Once you have the purchase order, people will fund the undertaking.

Introduce yourself as a consultant in HR, events, research, design, branding, marketing, strategy, training etc. Out of ten strategic people you meet, at least one will give you a chance.

Sell fruits, ice-cream, candies, clothes, tickets, insurance, cars, houses, land etc – businesses are looking for people who can sell. Speak, act, sing or play a music instrument for hotels and events.

Write scripts. Edit videos or books/mags. Produce YouTube videos. Do photography. Develop online content in your field. Tutor in math, sciences and languages. Coach someone in computers or fitness.

I’m not saying you do all these things – I’m saying – DO SOMETHING. Stop acting helpless and soliciting for sympathy. Deliver services to mankind. The money you are looking for is in people’s hands.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened for you (Matt 7:7).

Graduates should therefore purpose to continuously learn new skills, perfect and apply them before they can earn and not the other way round.

We are in season which demands that before you can get any value, you must first of all provide value, for you to be needed you must have what is needed; for you to be relevant you must provide value.

Africa is a jungle only the exceptional people get rewarded, even if you graduate you need someone from your social cycle to enable you to move to the next social strata, therefore expand your network.

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