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Kenyan Popular Journalist Lands Into An International Job After Downing her Tools At KTN

Grace Kuria, former KTN journalist has now landed a top deal with the international news channel BBC after long days of stay jobless since she quitted working with KTN Home and KTN News.

Through her official Twitter handle this evening, the skillful media journalist has posted herself while at the BBC media house already, ready to start with the job.

According to her, it is just by the grace of the Almighty of God to have made her reach where she has landed right now, somewhere bigger than where she was before.

We all know what it means by landing a job at BBC, the world's most graced media channel only after CNN when it comes to getting worldwide news.

This is a true indication of the power of having faith in yourself no matter what others might be thinking of you. Grace Kuria is remembered at KTN News TV as one of the journalists who were forced to terminate their contracts with the TV station for several reasons which were not brought out to the public.

That however did not stop her from making great moves in such for a better pasture, something which has now landed her at BBC World News.

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