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The victims of The pyramid scheme

You have probably come across a poster or online post advertising jobs with no experience needed and some handsome payment. Well you are not the only one .

When I finished high school I was very desperate, being the firstborn in a family of 5 , being raised up by a single parent, I could not take the risk of even asking for Ksh 20 to buy credit. In slums after form four you have to work yourself out .

I came across a poster asking for milk packagers. No wasting of opportunity I went for interview to the company. Dressed well and got there very early . then the time for interview came . We were told to settle in one room as there was no time for being interviewed per person. Rule number one you are supposed to have a own and a place to write on. Automatically there is some individuals selling pens and notebooks

Now what is a system ? That was the first thing I got there . A system is a successful proven way of doing things such that whether you are there or not you still get paid. What that looks nice

Now you were to give them Ksh. 23000 but first you have to register with Ksh1000 and within 3 months you will be earning 50k ..

Now to be sincere the pyramid scheme doesn't work for everyone. The highly ranked individuals are the most paid

Literally the pyramid scheme needs a sales person who have the convincing power and you have to fake your life. That is not a job

Utatembea na kiatu moja hadi ikue silaha

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