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Four dream killers that may amaze you.

Am going to define this according to today's standards of living. People say success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. And that any idea don't come out with all details worked out.

  The originator of the idea must give it much thought and fair measure of trial and error before the final product is out, it doesn't come in one night. 

 These factors will prevent you from pursuing your dream.

1. Shortcuts.

   Pretty much sure there is nothing as magical world. The only sure fact is that whoever works hard reaps the rewards. Study hard for better qualifications.

 You could probably get some kind of qualification by lying or cheating, or by copying in an exam but sooner or later this kind of conduct will never take you anywhere.

  When you look at lives of great men or great investors you can soon see that they experienced some sort of denial and rejection until they finally made it.

You cannot expect to achieve great things without opposition. In fact the bigger the dream, the more vocal the critics. Therefore do not expect people to roll stones out of your way when you have big dreams.

2. Greed and pride.

 Many people begin a sense of pride and working alone when they have started succeeding slowly. If you have a dream you cannot work alone for the necessity of connecting with people becomes of most important.

 Great people with great achievement never worked alone. There were always people who motivated them and encouraged them leave alone providing them with good advise and good planning.

 There will always be people who will support you, people who believe in your dream and are willing to help you overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

3. Poor planning of gained resources.

  When pursuing your dream you should be a good planner of all your expenses on daily basis to avoid wastage before investing in the intended purpose.

 When you get some cash and allow yourself to be a man of many women, chances are that they will come by your side because of the small cash. They will use it and steal you everything where they later leave you for another in one night.

  Plan well and don't do any luxurious moments when you have had not reaped enough.

4. Unwillingness to learn and grow.

   Pretty much sure, one of key things you should be doing right away is going out to different people and situations to learn new things alongside new skills throughout your life.

 Remember the more you learn the more you earn. Never stop educating yourself, on a range of topics, developing your skills and growing into the person you know you can become. What you do believe is the biggest dream killer .

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